South Yorkshire IMOC & Doncaster & Bassetlaw PMOC Information

The South Yorkshire Integrated Medicines Optimisation Committee (IMOC) evaluates prescription products to determine the most appropriate care setting for their use in South Yorkshire and works collaboratively to develop treatment pathways across the South Yorkshire footprint.

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Request for review or consideration of TLS status by SY IMOC/APC

SY IMOC/APC form for supporting information to accompany proposals for prescribing guidelines and shared care protocols (New or updates to existing documents)

RMOC Shared care protocol template 

Doncaster & Bassetlaw PMOC ( Section 1& 2 Prescribing and Formulary ) (Section 3 Medicines Optimisation )

The Doncaster & Bassetlaw Place Medicines Optimisation Committee (PMOC) has been formed to support the SY ICB IMOC at place level and has incorporated the functions of the APC, FLG and MOG. The PMOC is made up of representatives from local Doncaster healthcare Providers, and NHS Doncaster and Bassetlaw Places.

The role of the PMOC (Section 1&2 Prescribing & Formulary )  is to support the IMOC to co-ordinate the development of prescribing and medicines management across the Doncaster and Bassetlaw health communities by providing consistent, evidenced based advice to the Doncaster and Bassetlaw Places, hospital trusts, primary care contractors and non medical prescribers, establishing the TLS and formulary status of medication at Place level, and the implementation of Shared Care arrangements and guidance across Doncaster and Bassetlaw.

PMOC ( Section 3 Medicines Optimisation ) will continue to be an internal meeting which will discuss financial and commissioning arrangements for Doncaster Place.

The Committee meet monthly to discuss community-wide prescribing issues. Ratified Minutes from PMOC (Section 1&2 Prescribing & Formulary ) will be available on the medicines management website.