Brand Name(s):Victoza

Indication:Diabetes – Type 2



Review Date:Dec-22

NICE NG28 Update Type 2 diabetes in adults: management
May 2017
Liraglutide is to be initiated by a consultant endocrinologist, diabetic nurse specialist or general practitioner or nurse practitioner with special interest in diabetes.

The transfer time to hand over prescribing from Specialist care to Primary care will be 1 month, with a requirement that the patient will receive a specialist follow up at 6 months (maximum).

Only continue GLP-1 mimetic therapy if the person with type 2 diabetes has had
a beneficial metabolic response (a reduction of at least 11 mmol/mol [1.0%] in
HbA1c and a weight loss of at least 3% of initial body weight in 6 months)”