Fluorouracil cream


Brand Name(s):Efudix

Indication:Solar Keratoses, superficial pre-malignant and malignant skin lesions, keratoacanthoma, Bowen’s disease, superficial basal-cell carcinoma



Review Date:Jan-25

If treatment is to be initiated by Primary Care then the Clinician should have relevant clinical experience in dermatology.

APC Sept 2014

Efudix should be used only as a palliative therapy in such cases where no other form of treatment is possible.
Deep, penetrating or nodular basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas do not usually respond to Efudix therapy.

The usual duration of treatment for an initial course of therapy is three to four weeks, but this may be prolonged. Lesions on the face usually respond more quickly than those on the trunk or lower limbs whilst lesions on the hands and forearms respond more slowly. Healing may not be complete until one or two months after therapy is stopped.
Efudix is for topical use only and care should be taken to avoid contact with mucous membranes or the eyes. The hands should be washed carefully after applying the cream.

The total area of skin being treated with Efudix at any one time should not exceed 500cm2 (approx. 23 x 23cm). Larger areas should be treated a section at a time.

Summary of Product Characteristics last updated on the eMC: 08/12/2006