Brand Name(s):Vaniqua

Indication:Facial hair removal in adult women only



Review Date:Jun-23

*The treatment of hirsutism is a cosmetic procedure which is a low priority for funding by CCGs. If hirsutism is mild and does not significantly interfere with the woman’s quality of life, consider no additional treatment. Hirsutism is not usually associated with any significant medical abnormality.
*Eflornithine 11.5% cream offers very little benefit for the management of facial hirsutism in women. There is limited evidence for efficacy and patient satisfaction with eflornithine.
* In women with moderate or severe hirsutism test for elevated androgen levels. Eflornithine cream should only be used in patients with a raised free androgen index associated with an androgenic disease e.g. polycystic ovary syndrome.
*Prescribers are reminded that eflornithine treatment should be reviewed at 4 months and if ineffective, therapy should be discontinued at this time. Patients should also be advised that they may need to continue to use a hair removal method in conjunction with eflornithine cream.

Eflornithine cream is no longer licensed for use in adolescents aged 12-18 years, and use is now restricted to adult women only.

SPC April 2013