Brand Name(s):Xeloda

Indication:Colon cancer stage III (Adjuvant treatment)



Review Date:Jan-26

Pharmacogenomic testing for DPYD polymorphisms which cause DPD deficiency is recommended to be available as a pre-treatment screening test prior to the administration of fluoropyrimidine-based therapies through routine commissioning within the criteria set out in this document
Jan 2020 –
MHRA Drug Safety Update
Severe skin reaction associated with Xeloda,
January 2014
………………………… Patients receiving iv or intraarterial fluorouracil, or capecitabine or tegafur (both prodrugs of FU), should be tested for lack of dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase (DPD) before starting treatment. Lack of DPD may lead to fluorouracil toxicity eg neutropenia, neurotoxicity.