Cannabis oromucosal spray


Brand Name(s):Sativex

Indication:MS – Spasticity



Review Date:Oct-25

NICE CG144 covers recommendations for prescribing in spasticity Nov 2019 details can be found at: nice-ng144-spasticity.NICE CG186 Management of MS in Primary & Secondary Care
Oct 2014
Following appraisal of the available evidence, the Yorkshire and the Humber Expert Panel for disease modifying therapies in multiple sclerosis recommend that Sativex should not be routinely funded. The Panel advised that, on the available evidence, Sativex lacked compelling evidence of benefit for the target population and was unlikely to be cost-effective.

Sativex is not routinely funded for patients with multiple sclerosis. The medicine should not be withdrawn from patients already established on treatment but other treatment options should be considered at routine review

Approved Policy
Yorkshire and the Humber Specialised Commissioning Group September 2010