Amphotericin IV


Brand Name(s):Fungizone (non-lipid), Abelcet, AmBisone, Amphocil (lipid)




Review Date:Dec-22

Use is restricted primarily to patients with progressive, potentially fatal infections. This potent drug should not be used to treat the common forms of fungal disease which show only positive skin or serological tests

There is a potential risk of fatal overdose due to confusion between lipid-based
and non-lipid-based formulations of parenteral amphotericin B. These formulations
are not interchangeable: prescribers, pharmacists, and nurses need to be fully
aware of the formulation being used and the associated dose regimen.

MHRA Drug Safety Update Volume 3 Issue 9 April 2010

NPSA Alert
Risk of confusion between non-lipid and lipid formulations of injectable amphotericin
Sep 2007