Adefovir dipivoxil


Brand Name(s):Hepsera

Indication:Hepatitis B e antigen (HBeAg)-negative chronic hepatitis B

Rationale:1,2, 8


Review Date:Aug-26

Refer to NICE Guidance PH43 December 2012 – Hepatitis B and C Ways to promote and offer testing
Adefovir dipivoxil is recommended as an option for the treatment of adults with chronic hepatitis B (HBeAg-positive or HBeAg-negative) within its licensed indications if:
* treatment with interferon alfa or peginterferon alfa-2a has been unsuccessful, or
* a relapse occurs after successful initial treatment, or
* treatment with interferon alfa or peginterferon alfa-2a is poorly tolerated or contraindicated.

Adefovir dipivoxil should not normally be given before treatment with lamivudine.

Drug treatment with peginterferon alfa-2a or adefovir dipivoxil should be initiated only by an appropriately qualified healthcare professional with expertise in the management of viral hepatitis.

Adefovir dipivoxil and peginterferon alfa-2a for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B February 2006