COVID-19 Updates

Safe and Secure Handling for Multiple Covid Vaccinations

NICE Guidance – Covid-19 related April 2021

Butec stock shortages December 2020

priadel update v1.0

Clenil 100mcg Batch Variation – Patient Leaflet

Inhaler switching due to supply issue v1.0

Vitamin B12 injection – alternative therapy during Covid-19

National warfarin to DOAC switch guidance during Covid-19

ICS Inhaler shortages during Covid-19

Covid-19 related NICE Guidance June 2020

Creon 25K Stock shortages July 2020

Diabetes and sick day rules during Covid-19

Covid-19 related NICE and DSU July 2020

Covid-19 Related NICE guidance ES28 Vitamin D July 2020

Covid-19 and VTE Guidance 

Ranitidine liquid alternative during Covid-19 stock disruption

QS 194 Mental Capacity August 2020