DCCG Indicative Budget Scheme 2021

Each year the MMT identifies a number of areas (work modules) that if addressed will improve prescribing quality and cost effectiveness across the area. This year they will also assist practices in achieving payment under the DIBS scheme. The link below identifies those key areas for focus this year.

MMT Delivery plan 2021-22 Primary Care

Delivery Plan video summary

The data above can be expanded to see other areas that the MMT will be assisting in delivering over the course of the year if you are interested to look further. This page will be updated monthly with a document showing spend for the areas in the delivery plan. The spreadsheet below currently allows you to see data at PCN level for areas on which you could focus and that form part of the MMT delivery plan. Drop down the checkbox and scroll to your PCN. The data for 2021-22 will be in the same format with a focus on the 2021 delivery plan lines.

2021-22 QIPP Spend Locality  to July 2021

For practice level granularity for workplan related priorities please speak with your MMT representative who can provide this information for you.

If practices would like to examine other areas outside of the delivery plan, your MMT representative can assist practice staff with learning to access practice EPACT prescribing data, Prescqipp data or take requests to our Data team to provide analysis of prescribing in a particular area.

Click below to see your practice and PCN budget performance throughout the year. This will be updated monthly as data is made available from the NHSBSA. Data is published  2 months in arrears.

Incentive Scheme Practice Monitoring

Data to August 2021

Indicative budget scheme brief