Traffic Light System (TLS)

The Traffic Light System (TLS) is a colour coded system which provides guidance on prescribing responsibilities for selected medications.

It aims to provide clear understanding of where clinical and prescribing responsibility rests between specialists and GPs. (Note: The guidance on the Traffic Light System has been agreed with Doncaster & Bassetlaw clinicians, and therefore may not always mirror guidance produced outside of this local area.) Criteria for the inclusion of medicines on these lists, or the moving of medicines between the TLS categories, will be primarily based on:

  • Evidence base
  • Clinical competence and experience
  • Patient safety
  • Monitoring and follow-up requirements of the drug and/or the condition

The TLS operates under the auspices of the Doncaster and Bassetlaw Area Prescribing Committee.

Each drug is classified under one of the following categories:

Red, Amber, Amber with Guidance, Green, Green with Guidance or Grey.

The category it is placed in determines the circumstances in which it is recommended to be prescribed and any guidance/rationale which needs to be taken into consideration. Review of the drug and it’s classification takes place when new guidance/information is released on the drug.

Request for review/new TLS entry