Zinc acetate dihydrate

Red for new patients.
Amber-G for pre-existing

Brand Name(s):Wilzin

Indication:Wilson’s Disease



Review Date:Jan-23

Pre-existing patients may continue to receive prescriptions from Primary Care, however no new patients should be transferred from Secondary Care to Primary Care.

Wilzin treatment should be initiated under the supervision of a physician experianced in the treatment of Wlison’s disease.

For those patients who continue to receive their prescription from Primary Care, a detailed clinical management plan must be provided by the Specialist which includes details on:
(a) Review and followup process by Specialist
(b) Therapeutic monitoring process – the undertaking of this & interpretation of results should remain the responsibility of the Specialist

Maximum dose is 50mg 5 times a day
Refer to SPC for specific dose details

Wilzin is life long therapy.

March 2013