Brand Name(s):Prograf, Adoport (Immediate Release) Advagraf (Prolonged Release), Modigraf (granules for oral suspn) Envarsus 4 mg prolonged-release tablets

Indication:Immunosuppression, prevention of graft rejection, all indications



Review Date:Nov-22

Drug Safety Update
Oral tacrolimus products: reminder to prescribe and dispense by brand name only
Nov 2017
The growing number of oral tacrolimus products available on the market increases the potential for inadvertent switching between products, which has been associated with reports of toxicity and graft rejection. Therefore, to ensure maintenance of therapeutic response when a patient is stabilised on a particular brand, oral tacrolimus products should be prescribed and dispensed by brand name only.

If a prescriber considers that switching a patient to a different brand of oral tacrolimus would be of benefit, the change requires careful supervision and therapeutic monitoring by an appropriate specialist
MHRA Drug Safety Update June 2012